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Chain Link Fences - Residential Grade

Chain Link Fences – Residential and commercial Grade

Kennels and Dog Runs - Protect your dogs from Arizona coyotes and predators.

Residential grade fencing for a chain link fence project can be installed with several heights of chain link. It comes in 4 foot, 5 foot and 6 foot high to comply with state and city specifications. Gauges of fabric (mesh) are 6 gauge (.192"), 9 gauge (.148"), 11 gauge (.120") and 11-1/2 gauge (.113"). 9 Gauge is the most common wire size for residential installations of chain link fences.

Chainlink is one of the most popular and one of the most economical ways to enclose your yard. It is known for its strength, durability and it will provide you with years of maintenance free protection. We provide custom installation as well as repair to all residential fences.


Selvage (Knuckle twist)
twist top

Knuckle is standard unless otherwise stated. There is also twist - twist and knuckle - twist.

Selvage (Twist twist)
twist top

Twist is for 6 foot fences and higher. Chain link fence with twist will usually add security.

We provide insurance claims assistance as well.


Chain Link Privacy Fences - Slats Installed

Slats provides increased privacy for chain link fence enclosed properties. Privacy slats are thin extrusions which can be inserted into any type of chain link fencing to add beauty and privacy to both sides of the fence.

Wing Slats

Self-locking design privacy plastic vertical inserts have a rigid flat tubular body with offsets inside for greater support. Flexible and resilient wing portions are positioned on each side of the slat body. Serrations are added to the wings for easier installation and locking power.

Aluminum Slats

Spring tempered alloy, protected with a backed-on enamel finish, ensures you will enjoy easy maintenance free living. If rain doesn't keep it clean, the garden hose will. The sun won't fade the colors and the enamel won't chip, crack, or peel.


slat colors

We provide insurance claims assistance as well.


Kennels and Dog Runs - Protect your dogs from Arizona coyotes and predators.

There is no better way to protect your animals from the carnivores like boars, coyotes and bobcats. Small dogs as well as peacocks and other small animals can be prey for these desert creatures that get closer to the city as our cities expand into their territory.

Kennels can be installed in a residential yard without any worries of code violations and we can assess your yard to be sure the chainlink structure is located in the best spot to keep your dog or other animal cool and safe.


We provide insurance claims assistance as well.




Galvanized steel welded fabrication in compliance with ASTM F900. Gate frame members 1.900 in. OD (48.3 mm). Frame members are spaced no greater than 8 ft. (2440 mm) apart vertically and horizontally. Welded joints protected by applying zinc-rich paint. Positive locking gate latch fabricated of 5/16 in. (7.9 mm) thick by 1 3⁄4” (44.45mm) pressed steel galvanized after fabrication. Galvanized malleable iron or heavy gauge pressed steel post and frame hinges. Matched gate fabric to that of the fence system.


Type I-Overhead Slide Gates: Galvanized steel drop bars to be provided with double gates. Chain link fabric to match the fence system. Manufacturer’s standard overhead beam/structure, track, rollers and accessories designed to support the load of the gate panel taking into consideration wind load and possible icing. The support beam/structure to be galvanized or receive proper corrosion protection.

Cantilever Slide Gates:

Class 1-External Roller Design: Horizontal top and bottom steel pipe “track” members to be 2.375 in. OD (60.3 mm), vertical and internal members 1.900 in. O.D.

Class 2-Internal Roller Design: Gate frame fabricated by welding, vertical and horizontal members located no greater than 8 ft. (2440 mm) apart. The length of back frame support section shall be a minimum of 40% of the opening. Class 2 cantilever slide gates to comply with the performance deflection criteria listed in ASTM F1184. Gates designed to open or close by applying an initial pull force no greater than 40 lbs. (18.14 kg). Internal truck assemblies designed to handle the forces required for gate size opening and height. Match chain link fabric to that of the fence system.

Electrically operated gates and accessories must be manufactured and installed to comply with the safety requirements of ASTM F2200 and UL 325


We provide insurance claims assistance as well.


Industrial Grade Fences

High-security, Security and Industrial Fencing. Secure government facilities, highways, bridge fencing, utility and water treatment plants, schools, public play and ball fields, border fence, chemical plants, airports to name a few.

Manufacturing plants, warehouse centers, commercial centers, office buildings, day care centers, shopping centers, private parks, residential developments, private play areas, high-end residential, private schools, interior warehouse fencing, auto dealerships, parking lots and a wide variety of other applications.

Commercial Framework

Best, Heavy Duty

HF40 framework is far superior to any and all other framework options. It is advertised as being 30% stronger and 20% lighter than mill structural pipe.

Notes Pertaining to Baseball/ Softball Field Fences:

We suggest all HF40 pipe for backstops.  'Hanging Canopies' may use a lighter gauge to cut down on weight.  Fabric should all be 9 gauge minimum to withstand public and sporting abuse.  It is not unusual for the bottom portion of backstops which receive the majority of abuse to utilize stronger 6 ga. mesh.  The diameter of posts to use will depend on height of backstop and other structural details.   We would quote a 20' backstop with 4" terminal posts.


We provide insurance claims assistance as well.


Powder and vinyl Coating for Chain Link Fences

There is no comparison in the life of a color coated fence. You can never put enough work into iron or wood fencing to make them last as long as a modern chainlink fence will last. Extruded and adhered PVC coated fabric is a bonded vinyl, high strength galvanized steel chain link fence fabric for industrial, commercial and institutional applications. Extruded and Adhered Fabric is contained in local, state and federal government specifications for use in prison, road, dock, airport, housing, forestry, and military use.

Example types of coating:
1. Galvanized steel coated chain link fabric
2. Aluminum coated steel chain link fabric
3. Polymer coated steel chain link fabric*
4. Zinc 5% Aluminum alloy coated steel chain link fabric
5. Polymer coated galvanized steel framework and fittings

*Polymer Coated Framework: Polymer coated framework has a [PVC]
[Polyolefin] [Polyester] coating fused and adhered to the exterior zinc coating of
the post or rail. PVC and polyolefin coatings have a minimum thickness of 10-mils
(0.254 mm), polyester coating minimum thickness 3 mils (0.0076 mm) per ASTM
F1043. Color to match fabric [dark green] [olive green] [brown] [black].


We provide insurance claims assistance as well.


Security and Inventory Cages

Security cages are most common in retail and service businesses. Keeping inventory safe and accountable is a breeze and can be protected using an electronic entry lock to limit access.


We provide insurance claims assistance as well.


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